Monday, October 15, 2012

Not so great........

At this BLOGGING thing. I feel like I always have so much I could tell and plenty of pictures to put up but I just don't make the time to make it happen. We have been extremely busy in this household this past year. There is way to much to even try to catch everyone up on. So I am going to skip many months and hopefullly sometime go back to them. September was the start of the new school year. Ryan is now in Kindergarten and he is loving it. His class is very large, at 26 students. I can not imagine having 26 5 and 6 year olds in class. I am not sure how the teacher gets anything done but she does and she is excellent. The only part Ryan does not like is the bus ride home. The child that sits with him really seems to bother him. I told Ryan to either deal with it or ask the bus driver for another seat. For now, he is just dealing with it. Jason is in his last year of pre-school. He had a rough start, which I expected. Last year he cried almost every single day when he dropped him off. This year started the same way. After a month, he finally told me he just doesn't know what to do when he is done with took a year to tell me this! It was such an easy fix! And the crying is done. Just recently I was there when a little girl came over and sat next to Jason. She looked at me and said "I am sitting next to my prince, Jason". It was so cute. Jason just smiled at me and looked down at his food quickly! I too was back in school, starting my 10th year in the district. It hasn't been a bad start but I wouldn't call it a good start either. It was just kinda blah! Hope to add pictures soon! Had a little issue and my phone no longer works!!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

I missed October!

So I am not getting any better at this blogging thing. I actually think that is because I hate getting the pictures off of my camera. And what is the point of blogging about my cute little boys if there are no pictures to go with it.
Let's see......October went by so quickly that I am not even sure what we really did. That is really sad but I can honestly sit here and only think "well, I took them trick or treating and to a library story night". Besides that I have no clue what I did in the month of October.
The boys loved the surprise snow fall we had and loved being outside in it. Jason wants to go outside all the time. Ryan is loving school so much and he can now write his name. It is so cute. They both are learning so much at school. They both go part time, Ryan three days a week and Jason two days a week. It is so nice to drop them off there, knowing how much fun they have.
I will add lots of pictures so that you can have a quick picture update!

The first one is the boys being funny and taking pictures with mommy's camera without her knowing. The next one I just think is cute of Ryan. We held the AT golf tournament at the end of October so I added a picture of Douglas and I.
And The pumpkin patch. We loving going with The Kucera Family each year. It was another great day the kids had a blast. (And something else we did with the kids in October)

We had a nice visit with Mom-Mom and Uncle Matt. My boys think it is so funny to call him Uncle MAC instead, which drives my brother crazy. I kinda like it. My dad was always called Billy MAC, so it goes with the family.
Well I am planning on watching the Eagles for a bit then off to bed. Let's hope we can get a win!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Swim Lessons and More

The boys have really been enjoying swim lessons. Ryan received his Baby Eagle Patch in the summer so he is not in the same group of Jason. They are working him hard but Ryan loves it. His favorite part is going off the diving board. He just loves it. Jason is doing well too! He loves jumping in and throwing a toy to swim after.
Ryan is asking each morning when he gets to go to school with the big kids. I told him he had to be 5. Well, now each morning he is asking if he is five yet! Too funny! I can only hope he is ready for school like this next year.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

It's been a nice Labor Day weekend. We have had a lot of family time and I think the boys are sick of us, LOL! Today they are pushing every button possible and asking when it is time for school. Not soon enough is my thought! What a nice mom I am! HA
Anyway, Andy and I went to the Sugarland Concert in Allentown on Friday night. We went with some really good friends and had a blast. The boys had a blast at Pop-Pop Bill and Mom-Mom's house. They had so much fun that they were asleep by 7:00 on Saturday. On Sunday we went to hang out with Andy's family. This cousins were in town from North Carolina. The boys had such a blast!!!!!!

The boys had fun at school and are already showing how much they are learning. Jason had a little rough patch with being so sad that Ryan wasn't in his classroom. I think we have made it through that though!

Very hard to get a good picture of even some of the kids. This is Rachel and Meg. They had a blast.
Tomorrow is back to work for me. And we are signing the boys up for swim lessons again

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We made it through!

The boys were very happy to be going to school together. When we got to school we could not find Jason's name on anything in the room we thought he was in. It all worked out quickly and when I left the boys were playing! From what I was told, Jason had big tears quite a few times, not because he missed me, lol, but because Ryan couldn't stay in his class with him. I am the one that asked for school to be that way. They need to be without eachother every now and then. It will be good for them.
And the best part, both boys were in the same clothing I left them in! I thought for sure I would have a load of laudry to do. I am so proud of Jason, the long summer of fights about using the potty seem worth it now!
I didn't get to upload the pictures today or I should say I didn't make time to upload them. Instead, I finished the book The Help. WIth school starting tomorrow, I had a feeling if I didn't finish today, it would be a long time before I did!

Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School for the Boys

Well, tomorrow is the day! Pre-school for both of them. They will be in different classes but will still get to see each other plenty. I just can't believe it's time already. Summer went so fast. I spent many hours working on Potty Training Jason. My dear son likes to work me hard, really hard. Overall he is doing great and will be fine for school. I just can't wait for the day that I do not need to help anyone in the bathroom. AAAAhhhhhhhh, that will be GREAT!
Both boys are really excited for school. I think Ryan is going to make some big gains this year when it comes to numbers and letters. I am hoping that Jason will see that life is much better with no whining, LOL, a mom can hope.
My first day is Wednesday. I have a larger size caseload this year. I am hoping for a great year.
Hopefully I will have time to get on here and post some of our pictures from the morning.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Picture Update!

Here is the fun we had while at my mom's. I didn't get any pictures with my friend Amy and her family but she took a few!

As you can tell, my children have no fun and are very bored when they go to visit their Mimi and Pop-pop, HA!